Testimonials From Our Past Students

Thanks, RETS
Your exams are straight to the point (No twists in the questions.)  I like it...
Yet,  your course information is well designed, and easy to read...  I found some mistakes that I made during my inspections or in my report writing.  I also learned many techniques from reading the course material... 
Hope to attend your company's lectured courses and online course in the future.
Thank you,
-Jesse Hwong

I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal.

- Ray

Once again all those inspectors of whom were not in attendance of this seminar, MISSED OUT!!! Great Program
- Bob 

I would highly recommend anyone who either wants to start in the home inspection business or who wants more education to take RETS courses. Brian and Don are very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The PowerPoints, Inspection Displays/Modules and actual Hands-on training was excellent and helped me to understand much easier.
Steven Woods, TREC #9836
El Paso, Texas

This course blew away anything that others could offer.
- John 

The course and instructor overwhelmed me to my expectations. I will recommend the 14 contractors that work with our (EHOP) program to attend this course. We may ask you all to come and give the course at our office. “GREAT JOB”
- Robert 

Enjoyable and educational.
- Gil 

I have been more than pleased with my wife and my decision to attend the RETS Professional Home Inspectors Training Program. I feel ready to be “Cut Loose” to start my new home inspection business and career path. The instructors take great pride in their training and knowledge of the profession, by touching on every aspect of the job from crawl spaces, plumbing systems, and electrical components to the chimney cap. They know we all come from different previous jobs and are great about even staying late to give one-on-one training. I have enjoyed every minute of the short two week program. I am PROUD to say I am a RETS graduate.
Luke Holley - Heath, Texas

Plan to take classes from this organization. They are able to explain complicated material into easier to understand information.
- Anna 

Thanks very much for a great class today. The split between "pre-pour" and "existing" and review of common items that "may not" be a foundation issue was extraordinary. I'm always able to add to my knowledge base with your classes. Education in our profession is simply "never-ending" and the approach and presentation from RETS is excellent.
- Nolan E. Kienitz, Nolan's Inspections, LLC

This course was more informative than expected with excellent instructors. I appreciate the class. FINALLY, a class with information I can use now.
- Paul 

Just a quick note to thank you for the well delivered and useful information given out this past weekend. In my short 27 years in the inspection business I have been to a few classes. You have raised the bar and set new standards. The class, by far, exceeded my expectations.
- Bruce McCrary - Houston 

This was a great class. Brian and Don are true professionals. You can tell they are detailed on the subject matter. I felt like I was at the job site because of the clear and detailed pictures they used for illustrations. I would recommend these classes to all inspectors. Very informative. I will be attending more of them in the future. The cost is very affordable.
- Rod Dunn - Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections 

Good interaction. Well explained. Good Material. Good visuals.
- Tim 

100% better than any other pool class I have attended
- Jeff 

RETS Home Inspector Training has loaded me up with so much information! I feel ready to start inspecting today. I was impressed by the willingness of Brian and Don to teach and teach effectively, with their 40+ years of experience has taught them. They also took good care of us for the two weeks of training in Arlington, Texas. Kalache!
Michael Kennedy - Arlington, Texas

Excellent!! I recommend all inspectors attend.
- Karen 

I enjoyed the class very much. I learned a lot.
- Robert 

The BEST advice of our lives!!!
- Renee and Tony Rodriguez 

Very informative information on an Inspector’s level with specific information and practical experience. An enjoyable class, well presented.
- Donnie 

I have been a member of other organizations and have attended many of their seminars, but never have I enjoyed, and taken away as much information as I have attending this class. Kudos to all involved. Information from an informed inspector is always more valuable to me than from a manufacturer’s representative who is generally selling a product.
- Bob 

Great information and lots of photos.
- John 

I am very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Don Stafford and Brian Murphy. They were very informative and extremely patient throughout the whole course. I highly recommend anyone interested in taking a Home Inspector Training Course to take it from RETS.
Bill Bagwell - Lewisville, Texas

Once again class was very informative, useful and interesting. I will definitely come back and refer people.
- Rodney 

I just wanted to say that this was one of the best classes I have taken in some time. A great pace was kept and I appreciate that greatly. Many classes tend to lull one to sleep, this was not one of them. Looking forward to future classes. Thanks, Ted Menelly
- Ted Menelly 

An inspection course taught by active working inspectors for inspectors! THANK YOU!!!
- Paul 

Excellent – well prepared well done
- Ron

Excellent class! I learned a few things that I was not aware of regarding plumbing and the remainder was a good refresher.
- Thomas