Aerobic Septic System Inspection

Real Estate Training Systems - RETS is here to share with you an aerobic septic system inspection that was performed during a home inspection in Fort Worth, Texas. We find from time to time that clients are not sure if they want to spend the extra money to have the septic system evaluated by their professional home inspector. This is a very good example way you should have the septic system inspected by an experienced home inspector.

As you will see during this video, the septic system is performing but is in need of some routine maintenance and repairs.  During this septic system inspection the inspector discovered several notable deficiencies that will be report back to their client. The video will not show the full evaluation but the basic notable findings.

Some of the defect observed during this home inspection are listed but will not be limited to the following:

  • The grass and insects need to be removed from the system motor.

  • The spliced wires at the motor need to be properly enclosed in a weather tight junction box.

  • The audible and visual failure signals are non-functional.

  • The final tank pump test switch is not working.

  • Inside the control box there are visible blistered wires on the neutral wire connection.

  • Inside the control box there is a lot of corrosion on the exposed ends of the wires and electrical components.

  • There are no chlorine tablets inside the chlorinator.

  • The field distribution heads are not painted purple to set them apart from the sprinkler system heads.

  • One of the field distribution heads is damaged.


These short videos represent a very small portion of common defects found everyday during home inspections.

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