Continuing Education Offerings

Continuing Education Offerings

Septic System Training - NAWT Training Program - Arlington, Texas September 8-9, 2017

NAWT has created a successful national certification program for individual sewage treatment (Septic) system inspections that uses five USEPA-proposed management levels as the basis for inspecting onsite waste water treatment systems. Over the past four years, NAWT has trained and examined over 2,000 inspectors. Over 1,100 inspectors are registered on the NAWT website. On the first day of the two-day inspection course the basics of sewage treatment and system types is covered using a troubleshooting perspective. The second day goes through a step-by-step procedure to conduct a system inspection.

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HVAC Inspections - Finding Your Comfort Zone!! - Arlington, Texas November 3, 2017

This comprehensive 8 hour "TREC CE Approved #31714" HVAC inspection course is designed to deliver diverse and comprehensive information. Topics to be covered:
  • New TREC Standards of Practice as related to the HVAC System,
  • Comparing the SoP's to the IRC Codes for HVAC installation reqiuements. 
  • Understanding Code and Manufacture Requirements,
  • Heating Equipment (Gas & Electric) Equipment,
  • Cooling Equipment,
  • Heat Pumps,
  • Proper Cooling Temperature Measurement,
  • Duct System,
  • Learn how to find the Age, Size and SEER rating through the Serial and Model Numbers,
  • Inspection Techniques and Inspection Shortcuts,
  • Report Writing “Documenting your Findings”,
  • and much, much more!!
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Foundation Evaluation - Arlington, Texas November 4, 2017
This course is intended to educate the TREC Licensed Inspector on the proper approach for evaluating the performance of a structures foundation and to make an educated decision when to refer a professional engineer. The purpose of this course is to communicate the proper protocol...
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